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It is my pleasure in recommending Peng Cheng on his outstanding service in helping me obtain my Permanent Residence Visa.  He is always so efficient in getting back to me with emails and phone calls. He answered all of my worries and concerns and made me feel confident and at ease about the process.  It was a stressful time and Peng made it all that much easier in assisting me to apply on line as he guided me through the whole process.

He checked and advised me on all my documents before submitting them through to immigration.  When I was in doubt and didn’t know how to use the Immi account or how to reply or fill out a document he was right there for me answering all of my questions and concerns.  Peng was in constant contact with me while waiting for immigration to reply.

I cannot thank Peng enough for his outstanding service and high quality work.  Anyone looking for a migration agent with the skills, knowledge and professionalism then look no further.  Peng will truly get the results that you are after at the fraction of the cost than most migration agents will charge.  Best decision I made.

Thank you Peng from the bottom of heart.

Warmest Regards

Neme Gomez

Neme, Partner visa, Perth WA

My family and I are now permanent resident! Hats off for Peng Cheng for his hardwork, dedication and unwavering assistance with my visa application. He is extremely very helpful and goes beyond his call of duty just to assist with my queries. Indeed a very honest, trustworthy, efficient person that knows his job very well inside and out. Definitely will be recommend to my friends. Thank you very much Peng for a job well done.

Lucy, WA State Sponsored 190 visa, Perth WA

In December 2012, one of my employee’s nomination was refused by DIAC because the case officer assumed that the company did not have sufficient funds to pay wages to the employee for a period of two years under the RSMS program. That’s was a sad moment for me and my employee. I got in touch with Peng Cheng in December 2012. I had known Peng Cheng through his blog prior to this and I assumed from his blog that he was extremely professional, honest, knowledgeable, kind and helpful person and was not driven by greed. It was evident from his blog that he was doing community service by providing free advice to many who contact him via his blog. My assumption proved to be 100% correct about Peng Cheng after I dealt with him. He assisted me during the MRT review process of this negative decision by DIAC. The end result was that MRT approved the nomination and visa application in July 2014. I will strongly recommend Mr Peng Cheng to anyone by having full faith and confidence in his extreme professionalism. Unlike some of the other migration agents, I found Peng has got an eye for attention to detail. He has the ability to thoroughly study the case and then create a road map and plan to assist his client in very ethical manners. I remember providing some documents to Peng right at the end just before the deadline (due to some family emergencies I could not deliver these documents to Peng on time), I did not think that Peng was going to thoroughly study those documents (considering it was already 3.45pm and he had only 45 minutes to fax those to MRT), However to my surprise Peng studied the documents and picked up a very crucial error on one of the document which may‘ve had the detrimental effect on the application if it was not fixed. If there was some other agent, the chances are that he/she may have got upset because of the delay from my side and as a result would not have cared much for through study at the last moment.

The application for MRT review was lodged in December 2012 and the hearing occurred in July 2014. In between December 2012 and July 2014 Peng kept a regular contact with me via emails which made me feel valued and it showed that he cared for his client, further it showed that he had concerns for the well being of business. I guarantee that many migration agents may forget about their clients once the application is lodged at MRT and will only remember about their clients once they receive a letter from MRT for hearing, however luckily I was in safe hands and Peng did not forget about me during 18 months of wait period. He rather pro actively kept a close contact with me. I strongly think Peng’s charges are very nominal and minimum as compared to the overall industry. He provided me great moral support during the hearing. I found Peng was readily available even outside the normal business hours. Peng was overseas when I made initial contact with him via email, at that point Peng was not sure if I was going to be his client or not but he still kept helping me to the utmost professional level and sent emails from overseas, after giving me all free advice he even suggested me to find any other alternative agent if the circumstances did not permit me to wait for his return from overseas. You will find some migration agents will not even want to talk to you if there is no indication of financial commitment. Peng was really good at getting back to me on time (within 48 hours). I did not have to resend him the same email just to remind him to get back to me. He was honest in his dealings with me and delivered his promises and commitments and actually went above and beyond my expectations to assist me. I had the very best, pleasant and comfortable experience of dealing with Peng. I was extremely satisfied with his friendly, professional and helpful services. I felt Peng put his 100% into my case and made me feel like as if it was his own personal case, this was really heart touching considering the fact that he was going to get his professional fees (even though it was not much) regardless the outcome of review application. Peng possesses deeper knowledge of migration rules and regulations and I and my employee will always be very thankful to him for the rest of our life for the help that he provided.

Thank you very much Peng, your support is truly appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

Jasmeen, MRT Appeal - 187 RSMS visa, Hunter Valley NSW

After having lodging the Nomination Employer Sponsorship and it came to our attention that we were struggling to meet the training benchmark criteria. We were in panic mode as we had already lodged application and were in need of some desperate advice on how to rectify this one part of the application.

I found My Access Australia website extremely helpful and a rare thing for an agent to openly post advice and not hide it by saying, call for a quote like many other do!  It also gave me confidence that he knew what he was talking about.

Peng was able to give fantastic written advice as well as a follow up phone call to talk though the complexity of the advice he needed to give. The fact we were in different states had no impact on the services at all, nor that I only needed help with only part of the application.

I want to say a huge thank you and I truly believe the sponsorship would not have been approved!

I am now an Australian Resident!

Michelle, Regional Employer Sponsorship 187 visa, Perth WA

The service Peng Cheng has provided has always been excellent and very professional. No matter what query I would have, he would always reply back promptly with clear confident instructions and always be patient and helpful. He would even go out of his way and remit to provide additional helpful info creating an exceptional all round experience.

He is incredibly honest, sincere, reliable and hard working even replying back when he was meant to be on holiday! I honestly feel this level of personal service would be hard to improve on and beat. I would highly recommend My Access Australia to anyone.

Thank you so much Peng Cheng.

Manpreet, Employer Nomination Scheme 186 visa, Nagambie VIC

After tired of looking for the right immigration agent in Melbourne, I was disappointed when my visa was nearly expired but when I came across the website and read all information about the 457 visa and then I decided to engage with Peng’s services.

At first, our family worry about because we was not meeting in person, how we could handle our application but with My Access Australia, Peng helped us to prepare the application very smoothly just by email, phone and very happy it was around 10 weeks that our family got a visa grant.

Thanks very much Mr Peng.

Linh, Employer Sponsored Temporary 457 visa, Melbourne VIC

I would like to express my gratitude for all you help, advise, support and guidance in regards to my PR application. You were very helpful and very quick in your response. When I was facing all the difficulties and going through a stressful time, you made everything seem much easier and straight forward. In addition to that, you made me feel that your priority is to help your clients and not only after the payment which was shown multiple times such as when you asked if I needed more time than the standard days to pay the invoice.

I will continue to recommend your services to anyone who requires assistance in their visa application.

Once again, thank you very much.

Mei, Partner visa, Perth WA

Peng has been invaluable to me with his unwaivering support and guidance throughout the final stages of the permanent resident visa processing. He is clearly versed in the governments requirements, and is respectful of this process and his clients. Peng does his very best to ensure his clients are professionally and courteously supported and given my experience working with him, I fully recommend Peng and his services.

Anita, Partner 820/801 visa, Brisbane QLD

I highly recommend Mr. Cheng (My Access Australia) and his services.

It was an amazing experience of great professionalism and impeccable personalisation skills of Mr. Peng Cheng (My Access Australia).

To begin with, it’s the cost which is relatively lower than any of the migration agency/agent I have come across during the preparation of my 189 visa. Mr. Cheng has high integrity for his profession, as I already had my Trade certificate and wasn’t aware that Trade Application Assistance was also included with the total fees. Mr. Cheng promptly informed me and gave me $500 discount from the actual fees I was already agreed to pay, I was so impressed with the honesty.

I was thoroughly informed about every step and cost of the application process prior to proceeding. Mr. Cheng made the entire visa application process very easy. I was most amazed by the prompt response from Mr. Cheng throughout the visa process and that built such high faith in services.

One of the most impressive aspects of him is that not only he is amazingly knowledgeable but also educates his clients about the visa process. I am more than thankful to him for going beyond the expectation by preparing and lodging my visa application within few hours of getting my visa invitation from Skill Select.

Thank you once again.

Kartik, Skilled Independent 189 visa, Sydney NSW

I cannot fault the service which we received from My Access Australia. We were given completely honest and factual information regarding our situation which helped in building our case. The commitments which were made to us were executed in the most professional manner possible.

The fees charged were reasonable. I firstly sought assistance from My Access Australia to review the case which I had built. I was really quite surprised with the timely response and detail of the review which they gave me; I believe it made a difference for when DIAC came to review my case.

As my situation was quite complicated, DIAC asked for further evidence. I called on the help of My Access Australia to build a stronger case. They responded and thankfully as a result our visa was granted.

Andrew, Partner 820/801 visa, Melbourne VIC

I found that dealing with Peng from ‘My Access Australia’ to be a very easygoing and a stress free process. After contacting various immigration agents, My Access Australia were easily the best value for money. In addition to this, the confidence portrayed and the knowledge of all aspects of the process was clear to me compared with other companies. After initial discussion, I knew what it would cost, what I needed to do and how long it would take. Other companies were unableto answer these questions or wouldn’t answer until they were given a payment up front.

Peng was always available and if he was unable to answer my call or email I always knew that he would respond within the next few hours and this was even after all my fees were paid, if I needed to follow up on something very simple, there was never a problem with calling and never did I feel that a question was too silly. In addition Peng knew the cost of the whole process to me so gave me time to pay my fees and was always willing to work with me whether it be staged payments etc. We had good communication and trusted each other.

All commitments made at beginning were adhered to between myself and Peng. He also ensured not to give me too much information at once and instead fed the details to me as they were required by case officer. This made the process easier and I was never overwhelmed. As the old saying goes ‘How do you eat an elephant? Bit by bit’

As mentioned above, everything was explained in detail and Peng had no problem going over things a couple of times to ensure that I fully understood what was needed i.e. Police clearance steps, medical requirements, details required from employer etc.

One of the most comforting aspects I found was the after hour contact that I had with Peng, particularly with the time difference between Australia and Ireland.

I would highly recommend my access Australia for anyone seeking Permanent Residency.

Eoin, Employer Nomination Scheme 186 visa, Brisbane QLD

With the invaluable help of Mr Peng Cheng of My Access Australia, my wife and I very recently had the good fortune to be granted 309 partner visa. But this was only after quite a struggle, as this visa was initially refused. It was at this point I sought Peng’s assistance, and with the benefit of his professional guidance and expert knowledge of the system, we managed to get this refusal overturned. If we had not had the advantage of Peng’s help, I fear things may have turned out very differently.

To anyone in need of a solution to whatever migration problem they may have, I have no hesitation in recommending Peng and My Access Australia. I found Peng to be informative, generous with his time, very knowledgeable and dependable, and thanks to him, most importantly, my wife and I now have the opportunity of a life together in Australia. So thank so much Peng.

Lindsay, Partner visa, Sydney NSW

Now I am now a permanent resident! I really appreciate him for his hard work, dedication, quick responses and assistance with my visa application. He is really so helpful .Thank you very much Peng for a job well done.The fee for my RSMS visa was pretty reasonable when compared to other agents and he really deserves it. He always sends me quick responses whenever needed and he also make sure everything is correct. He clarify all my doubts here and then, he was standing with my until I get my PR. While I was in bridging visa A, he also helped me for bridging visa B to get out of the country, He really helped me beyond his works and he never charged me any extra fee. I would highly recommend him to my friends. And once again thank you so much Peng for all the help you have done.

Prabhu, Regional Employer Sponsorship 187 visa, Adelaide SA

I would like to place on record, the outstanding professional services provided by Mr. Peng Cheng (My Access Australia) in helping me secure a 489 visa. From day 1 he advised me about the best ways to obtain maximum points for Superior English abilities and thereafter guided me through the entire process step by step.

Mr. Peng always responded to my numerous queries promptly and comprehensively. He worked hard and diligently on my case to ensure everything went through smoothly. Also, his fees are very reasonable in relation to the life changing services he provided me. My visa was granted in just 46 days after lodgement, with zero queries from the Department.

I would highly recommend My Access Australia for anyone looking to settle in Australia. Thank you so very much Mr. Peng Cheng.


Jeffrey, State sponsored 489 visa, India

I very much thankful to Mr Peng Cheng for his hard work in preparing my nomination application.

He is very cooperative and quick to response to all queries via email and over phone. After nomination approval I’m looking forward for my visa application.

And again seeking his professional services for this application.

Saini, Employer Nomination Scheme 186 visa, Sydney NSW

I thank and praise Mr. Peng for his hard work and dedication for my review application of carer visa with MRT in Sydney. His skills and quality of service helps that MRT make favourable decision to review the application. Whilst working on my behalf I found Mr. Peng to be extremely efficient, competent and trustworthy.

Service was provided timely, often working after normal working hours. Anka

Anka, MRT Appeal – Carer 116 visa, Sydney NSW

I came across the website of “My Access Australia” when I was struggle with the preparing my own visa application. Peng’s reply to posts made me ultimately realise that an agent’s help is very important for a successful application, and I was trying to get advice from a migration agent who is trustworthy, dedicated and will walk every step with me.

After email communication and initial assessment, my application was well prepared by Peng and lodged within a short time. The visa was granted quite smoothly. Peng was always there to help me very promptly when I needed it most, suggesting the best options for the success of the visa outcome. Besides, the fees My Access Australia charges are very reasonable, and you’ll get premium service as a return.

I definitely recommend My Access Australia to my friend and family as with a reasonable fee for the sensitive and delicate process of visa applications will be handled with professionalism and with the least possible chance of delays or errors.

Vivien, Employer Sponsored Temporary 457 visa, Sydney NSW

With thanks to Mr. Peng Cheng at ‘My Access Australia’, I now have my 457 Visa! Having lived in Australia on a Student visa in the past, moving to Australia on a permanent basis has been a dream of mine for some years, although I found the whole process and the choices in visas rather daunting and overwhelming. Now I can look forward to a permanent move to Australia with thanks to the whole team at ‘My Access Australia’.

I want to thank Mr. Peng Cheng and the whole team for providing such a professional and efficient service. From start to finish, everything was clearly outlined and Mr. Peng Cheng took care of every last detail making the experience as stress free as it could be. If there was ever anything I required or any advice I needed they were always happy to help and only a phone call away. Now knowing the process and the paperwork involved, I genuinely don’t believe I would have been able to obtain a visa without their assistance.

For the fee, I believe the service is fantastic value and I will be recommending ‘My Access Australia’ to anyone who wants to immigrate to Australia in the future. Thanks again Mr. Peng Cheng and the team for allowing me to fulfill my ambitions and start a new life in Australia.

Arasch, Employer Sponsored Temporary 457 visa, Sydney NSW

I came back to Australia after 8 years, my PR expired 4 years ago. Other migration agents advised me to apply for a new Partner visa which costs about $7000 and would charge me $4000 on top of the immigration fees.

When I came across Mr. Peng Cheng’s free advice in regards to regaining PR status as a former Australian PR, I am elated because it only costs $363.89.

Thinking that it would be easier for me to communicate with migration agents nearer to me on the Perth side, I looked around and asked for the price for handling my case. However, communication is so slow and they make me worry by saying that my case is complicated.

I contacted My Access Australia and got almost immediate response and My Access Australia offered a much lower fees for handling my case. Within just one week, I regained my PR status without any hassle.

I am most grateful to Mr. Peng Cheng and My Access Australia for his fast replies and super efficient work. I admire his honesty and generosity in giving advice and specific instructions.

This is the best migration agent in Australia!

Chyi, Resident return 155 visa, Perth WA

I am really grateful towards My Access Australia. They have assisted me in preparing my father’s tourist visa after a previous refusal.

It is so hard to find a reliable migration agent, who gave out responsible and reliable advice. My Access Australia has assisted us to obtain a one-year multiple entry tourist visa and without “no further stay” condition!

I am so lucky to know them at the right time.

Shelly, Visitor 600 visa, Sydney NSW

It was so great to have Peng to be our immigration agent. I swear if we did not get his help, we definitely fail to get the RRV.

When I started to look for an agent to apply RRV for me, I was turned down by most of the agents in Hong Kong. I did not know the exact reason why they think I must be failed to apply RRV, while they actually did not examine my case clearly. My PR visa has been expired, but I believe that I have sufficient compelling reasons and substantial ties, so I keep on searching relevant information on web and hope there would be someone to help. It was definitely not easy, as immigration agents don’t usually give detailed answer on web. Most of them request payment before questioning, which is normal to a business. I understand but I did not have confidence to pay for any of them, coz I was not sure if they can really help me out.

Peng was an exception. This guy is willing to respond viewer’s question with professional knowledge and useful advices without a charge! I think he must be crazy (sorry Peng) coz he’s acting like a volunteer to help people who are in trouble. I had so much confidence to him after reading the Q&A in his website. That’s why I came to him and invited him to handle our case.

Regarding Peng’s services, I can say the cost of professional fees is absolutely reasonable!!!! I believe he starts to work very early every day and I wonder if he has enough sleep coz he usually replies emails very quickly, even in non-office hour. Also, he provided an excellent assistance and explanation to my case, teaching me how to collect the right information for the application. I highly recommend Peng to my friends and all of you who are looking a good immigration agent to help you.

Last, thank you very much!

Ron Lee, Resident Return 155 visa, Hong Kong