Permanent Residency Visas


Subclass 186 visa – Permanent residency Employer Nomination Scheme visa

The Subclass 186 Employer Nomination Scheme visa is a permanent residency visa that requires the sponsorship of a nominating employer.

There are two separate pathways or streams for the 186 visa. You can satisfy the requirements of either stream before applying for the 186 visa. The streams are called the Direct Entry stream, and the Temporary Residence Transition stream.

Subclass 187 visa – Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa

The Subclass 187 RSMS visa is a permanent residency visa that requires the sponsorship of a nominating employer for a role that is located in ‘regional Australia’.

The main difference between a 187 RSMS visa and a 186 Employer Nominated Scheme visa is that for a 187 visa, you need to be nominated by your employer to work in their business which is located in a part of regional Australia. Regional Australia is defined by postcode. Your nominated role must be performed in one of these eligible areas.

Skilled Independent – Subclass 189 visa

The Subclass 189 visa is a permanent residency visa. The key eligibility requirements for this visa are the following:

  • Have a positive skill assessment for an occupation that is on the Skilled Occupation List
  • Meet the English language requirement
  • Submit an Expression of Interest and receive an invitation from the Department to apply for the visa (this means that you are entitled to at least 60 points which is the minimum points requirement for an invitation)
  • Be less than 50 years of age when the invitation is issued

State Sponsored Permanent Residency – 489 & 190 Visas

The Subclass 190 visa is a permanent residency visa. The Subclass 489 visa is a temporary visa which can lead to permanent residency visa the 887 visa.

The threshold eligibility requirements for the 190 and 489 visas are:

  • You need to be under 50 years of age
  • You have obtained a positive skills assessment for an eligible occupation
  • You need to meet the English language requirement
  • You points score is at least 60 (find out how points are allocated)
  • You meet the health and character requirements
  • Sponsorship by a state government, or Australian eligible family member

Spouse or De-Facto Partner visas

These visas allow you to live in Australia if you are the spouse or de-facto partner of eligible an Australian citizen an permanent resident.