The process of reviewing your application and preparing it for lodgement is important. Taking some extra time to properly complete this step can really benefit your application in the following ways: Presenting an organised and concise application can really make life easier for your case officer when he or she assesses your application. And considering […]

  One very common question that I receive from Subclass 457, 186 and 187 visa holders is: I need to leave my employer – what is going to happen? You may want or need to leave your employer for a number of different reasons. The below are just some examples that I have encountered: My employer […]

The business applying for SBS must be an employer that satisfies the following requirements: The business is legally established in Australia; and The business has actual operations in Australia. Requirement 1 – Legally Established in Australia The business can satisfy this by submitting evidence of its business registration details such as Australian Business Number (ABN), Australian […]

Once a business obtains Standard Business Sponsorship, it will be subject to the following obligations in relation to DIAC and its 457 visa holder employees: Obligations to 457 visa holder employees Unless otherwise specified, the below obligations which relate to the 457 visa holder (and/or dependent 457 visa holders) are imposed on the sponsor while the visa […]

  You and all adult dependents who are over 18 and are included in your Subclass 186 ENS or 187  RSMS visa application will need to satisfy the applicable English language requirement.   Primary applicant   The threshold English language requirement does vary depending on whether you are applying under the Direct Entry (“DE’) or Temporary Residency […]

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