Employer Sponsored Visas

There are a number of different visas which employers can utilise to bring foreign national workers into their business. Both temporary or permanent residency visas options are available.

Subclass 457 visa – Temporary long-term work visa

The Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) allows skilled workers to come to Australia and work for an approved business for up to four years.

Standard Business Sponsorship

This is the sponsorship that a business needs to obtain order to sponsor foreign nationals for Long-term work Subclass 457 visas, which is a temporary visa that has a maximum validity period of 4 years.

Subclass 186 visa – Permanent residency Employer Nomination Scheme visa

The Subclass 186 Employer Nomination Scheme visa is a permanent residency visa that requires the sponsorship of a nominating employer.

There are two separate pathways or streams for the 186 visa. You can satisfy the requirements of either stream before applying for the 186 visa. The streams are called the Direct Entry stream, and the Temporary Residence Transition stream.

Subclass 187 visa – Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa

The Subclass 187 RSMS visa is a permanent residency visa that requires the sponsorship of a nominating employer for a role that is located in ‘regional Australia’.

The main difference between a 187 RSMS visa and a 186 Employer Nominated Scheme visa is that for a 187 visa, you need to be nominated by your employer to work in their business which is located in a part of regional Australia. Regional Australia is defined by postcode. Your nominated role must be performed in one of these eligible areas.

Subclass 400 visa – Temporary Work visa

This visa allows the holder to temporarily work in Australia in a highly specialised and non-ongoing role.

If you need to work in Australia in a highly specialised, and you only need to perform this role for a period of 6 weeks of less, this new Subclass 400 visa now provides an alternative to the Subclass 457 visa (which can be time consuming and expensive to obtain which the requirements which the sponsoring business and the applicant need to satisfy).