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Before you ask me questions by posting a comment, please read the below

I do try to personally respond to all the questions that I receive about Australian visas and migration law. I’m certainly asked a lot of questions, so please be patient when you are waiting for my response.

If your questions/comment doesn’t survive moderation, or if your comment disappears (i.e. deleted), then you should read the below which explains why I didn’t answer your questions.

I’m sorry. But I won’t answer the following questions

Let me preface this by saying that I have literally answered thousands of questions. I will certainly try and help if I can. However, I do draw a clear line between the questions that I will answer, and those that I won’t.

Questions that don’t make sense

If you haven’t put in the time to write understandable questions, then I won’t put in my time to answer these. I’m not going to try and decipher bad grammar and spelling. It is up to you to write the relevant facts and questions in a manner that is understandable.

I’m sorry. I’m not going to answer any questions that don’t make sense.

Broad questions asking me to solve complex legal issues

The purpose of the comment fields is to allow people to ask questions about specific legal or visa issues which they are not sure about.

It is not intended for people to post their complex Australian migration history or issues for me to solve. I am a professional and I do make a living by assisting people with visas and migration law issues.

I’m sorry. I can’t answer complex questions which really which require a thorough understanding of your background to answer. I’d likely need to ask you many questions and undertake research before I can answer your questions. If you need such assistance, all I can really offer is my professional services.

Processing time questions

Please don’t ask me to predict the processing time for your application, or why there is a long delay with the processing of your application.

I know that partner visa applications are taking a very time long (around 12 months or more). ENS and RSMS applications are long taking a VERY long time. Don’t be surprised if you lodged your ENS and RSMS application in early or mid 2012 and you’re still waiting for DIAC’s decision. There are a lot of people in this boat.

MRT and RRT processing times are listed here.

If your application is subject to an external security/character check, this is usually completed by the Australian Security & Information Organisation. This is a different department to DIAC, so not even DIAC would know how long this is going to take.

I’m sorry. But I don’t know how long the Department is going to take with your particular application, or why there are delays with processing.

Assess your eligibility for Australian visas

Please don’t ask me to confirm your eligibility for a particular visa, or ask me to recommend a visa that you may be eligible for. Assessing eligibility is a professional service that I offer, so I do need to charge a fee for this.

If you have a particular question in relation to your eligibility that you’re not sure about, then I’m happy to see if I can help (e.g. What level of English language ability do I need? Do I need to obtain a skills assessment? Do I need to hold a particular level of post-high school qualification for this visa? Can I apply for this particular visa if I hold a bridging visa?). But please don’t post your education history, employment details etc. and ask me to assess your eligibility for a particular visa.

I’m sorry. But I will not assess your eligibility for Australian visas.

Questions which are answered in the relevant post

I have written a number of articles which specifically answer some of the common questions that I’m asked. I often find that people ask me questions which I think are clearly answered in the relevant post.

If you are posting your questions on an article that does answer your questions, then I won’t answer your questions again.

I think my favourite example is this post in relation to ENS, RSMS and 457 visa holders who either want to, need to or have changed their employer (irrespective of the reason for the change). This post outlines the consequences that you face from a migration law perspective. There is nothing more that I can really add by answering your questions.

Now, please leave your comment or question

Sorry for the long winded explanation, but I do need to set these rules so that I can continue to answer your questions.

Other than that, you can use the comment fields to pretty much post anything that you’d like. I LOVE feedback, suggestions and constructive criticism. Let me know how I can improve the user experience for you!

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